Nick Martin
Nick Martin

Hi my full name is Nicholas John Martin but you can call me Nick 🙂

This is my personal space on the Internet and here you can follow me in my various adventures. I would like this blog to become the center hub for all my online activities and well basically a placeholder for all the stuff I want to share with the InterWebz.

I’m not the most active blogger in the world, but hopefully soon that will change. I do have some projects I’d like to spend more time on and they will be posted here on this blog when the time is right.

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

Nick Martin

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  1. Nick Martin
    Nick Martin at |

    Hi, I would very much like to purchase this domain from you, because my name is Nick Martin too. Have you thought about selling it?

  2. Rob Gehring
    Rob Gehring at |

    Hi Nick. Remember me? Blog looks great………are you still marketing at all (on the net)?

    Rob Gehring of

  3. Juliana
    Juliana at |


    Kan du dansk!? Jeg har nogle spørsmål som jeg ville stille dig da jeg også vil i gang med lave mit eget hjemmeside og kan se du har erfaring med det! Hvis du har et kontakt nr ku være til min fordel ellers må vi li skrivs hvis du har tid og lyst! Mvh Juliana

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