Sports & Recreation

Sprint Triathlon 2011 4-18-4 Copenhagen Beach Park

The day after my brother Julian competed in his 1st Sprint triathlon here in Copenhagen, it was time for me and for my triathlon friends to compete in today’s event. We were much better off with the weather, as it had dried up and there was no rain the entire day. To me this was […]

Sprint Triathlon Copenhagen: Tri På Tyren

June 5th the gang and I went a little north Copenhagen to compete in the sprint triathlon called “Tri på Tyren” which would be translated to “Bull Triathlon”. The name comes from the bike route which is filled with slopes. You are either climbing or going downhill. We had a GREAT day as it was […]

New Wetsuits

Troy & Nick Flashing New Wetsuits

Yesterday Troy and myself were out swimming in the ocean in our new wetsuits. It was just an easy 800m stretch to get the feel of our new suits. Also the water was pretty cold for the feet and hands 🙂 Today we took another trip to Amager Strandpark where we did a 1100m stretch. […]