Startup Heroes Entrepreneurship Game

Startup Heroes is my current full time project. I am the co-founder and game producer of this awesome venture. Our mission is to open up the minds of young students so they too see the light that is entrepreneurship!

We started this venture back in december 2011 and I joined the team here in Bali, Indonesia on February 2nd 2012. It has been an amazing year and we have come so far from where we started.

I am in charge of our development team which consists of 4 designers and 2 developers. My main responsibilities include team management, planning, human resources and progress reporting. We have adopted SCRUM as the agile development framework of choice.

As game designer my responsibilities include overall game design (storyline, core game mechanics, game balancing), reference research, customization development and planning, game testing and iOS development. I also develop ideas to how we can take actions and events from real life and implement them into game scenes.

You can visit The Startup Heroes website for more information about the game we are currently developing.

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Power House Day 4

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