Author: Nick Martin


Hey all, I recently got my first iPhone and installed a wordpress application for it. Thought I’d try it out by posting a silly picture from my work place. This is a picture of my car and my boss’s car. Can you guess...

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Yes – my first appartment!

So it finally happened. After spending the last 7 years in Copenhagen living with other people (cousin, brothers, girlfriends) I now have my very own home 🙂 I was just handed the keys today and already my brother and I have...

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i failed once

Hey all, It’s true I really did fail about 5 years ago… I was running the free traffic and list building club called LifestyleNetworker and everything was going great! Loads of people joined daily and I was getting...

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Hi, I’m Nick Martin

Welcome to my personal blog! This is where I share all kinds of different stories about myself and my life.