Author: Nick Martin

Handara Golf Match

We went up to the north of Bali to Handara Golf Club to play one of our matches in the Bali Golf League. I ent up there the day before to get a practice round in as I had never played there before. It was pretty awesome! Early...

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The MagLoft Team

During our latest Hackathon here in Bali, we decided to shoot a short video introducing our team. It was a real fun exercise and I’m really impressed with the results. Thanks to Corinna Krause (our intern) for shooting and...

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Top Speed Golf – Fluid Spine Day 1

I just recently signed up for an online golf training course called Top Speed Golf (TSG). I love how they have broken down the entire swing into 5 main sections and for each section they have a series of videos and drills....

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Hi, I’m Nick Martin

Welcome to my personal blog! This is where I share all kinds of different stories about myself and my life.