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The Global Game Jam 2013 At Contenga

On January 26th 2013 the Global Game Jam kicked off with hundreds of sites across the globe. Thousands of game developers, graphics artists and designers kicked this years event off and started creating their games. If you...

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The Fallen Hero

It’s only 20:30 here in KL and Max the mighty Italian has already fallen in battle! Well he’s really just taking a nap getting ready for an all nighter possibly. It’s going pretty good and we have for sure made...

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Game Jam Theme Announced

After a brief introduction and some general information about game jams, Brett Bibby released the theme: 1 button game. This is not a super strict game jam event and there are no prizes, so people are welcome to work on anything...

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Getting Setup And Ready For The Jam

So after an hours walking around trying to figure out how we would get back to the MyCore Centre we finally made it ๐Ÿ™‚ Just dodging a huge rain storm too! We are now pretty much setup and good to go. The MyCore Centre is amazing...

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Game Jam Malaysia Part 1

I’m writing this from Startbucks in KL Malaysia while getting a nice big piece of chocolate banana cake and a … well coffee ๐Ÿ™‚ Max and I are waiting for the MyCore Lab (an awesome gaming and development cafe) to open...

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Nicks Visit To The Dentist

You know I have been very fortunate with my teeth. I’ve never had anything done to my teeth in my grown up life – I did however have a small hole in my kiddie teeth that got fixed. Unfortunately my wisdom teeth...

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England Family Visit

So Jules and I took a flight to England so we could visit our family – and now extended family! Somehow Joe found a girl that actually wants to marry him … figure that! ๐Ÿ™‚ And about 6 months ago Hayley and Lee had a...

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Smรธrum Open 2010 – video

Okay so I’m not the most active blogger on this planet – I think we can all agree on that ๐Ÿ™‚ I run a friendly golf match once every year and I think this is something like year 5 of that competition. I was able to get...

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Having fun in Sweden

Here we are having fun in Sweden after 7 hours of skiing. We have had snow all day and loads of giggles! Kicking back with a few pints from the various bars in ร…re while we send happy thoughts to our colleauges at work...

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Visit from England

What a great saturday night we had last week! Cliff and his girlfriend Jenna came over to visit some of their friends in Copenhagen. My brother Jules and I got the opportunity to hang out with them Saturday night. We had a blast...

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My new home!

Hey all, Just wanted to post this real quick. This is how my family and friends helped me transform my new apartment from a dump into a nice place to live: [flv: 320 240] This is...

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I’m Famous!!!

Well not really but I just did a silly search for my name and to my big surprise my blog comes up on the first page on! Cool huh – here check it out yourself:...

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Hi, I’m Nick Martin

Welcome to my personal blog! This is where I share all kinds of different stories about myself and my life.