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I love Internet business and have been actively engaged with creating content and selling online since the year 2000. It was back then, that I realized I would never spend my life working a career 9-5 job trying to climb the corporate ladder!

I want to be able to work when and where I choose – Nick Martin

So I began my Internet Marketing training and very early on found myself knee deep in spamming and scamming people without even knowing about it! It was when I was directed towards learning permission based marketing that things all starting falling into place.

Today I run two online businesses. My main business is MagLoft which is a digital publishing solution for content creators that want to distribute their content via native apps. My hobby business is called Lav Din Egen Hjemmeside which means make your own website in Danish.

Hi, I’m Nick Martin

Welcome to my personal blog! This is where I share all kinds of different stories about myself and my life.