Today I flew to Singapore for a podcast interview setup by Asia Tech Podcast. I had never heard of them before, but they are really serious about their show and already have a great track record! The team has been super organised and everything was right on time.

My day was quite packed as I was flying back the same evening, so not much wiggle room. I was supposed to meet with a former sales rep of ours to retrieve an iPad Pro, but unfortunately there was a miscommunication so he didn’t turn up as planned.

I then went to the show location and had a great interview with Neville. These guys have got a neat little studio setup in a co-working space and had all the right things in place to make it an awesome experience. We talked a lot about MagLoft, how we got started and what we are looking for today. What we would do if we got an investment and our current hiring efforts.

After the interview I met up with Uttam Chopra who is our MagLoft advisor. It’s always great to meet with Uttam as he can play the part of external party and ask the harder questions. We’re in the middle of hiring our first sales manager for MagLoft, so it was great to get some more feedback and insights from Uttam.

Then heading back to Changi Airport Terminal 4 which is now almost fully automated! Check-in, immigration and security took me less than 9 minutes in total! Flew back to Bali where my amazing girlfriend was waiting to pick me up and drive me home.

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