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Dare Nick Dot Com

Well I have had this probably rather silly idea for some time now and felt like it was time I shared it with you. I’ve never really known if I should do something about it, but today I guess I took the first step. I ordered the domain name DareNick.com from GoDaddy (I only added the ‘from GoDaddy’ bit because I hate seeing a punctuation after a domain name).

So what’s this idea all about, well the funny thing is I haven’t really made a lot of market research on this one because it will just be a site for fun (at least to begin with). So I have no clue how many people have actually done this as I refuse to believe I am the first lol.

Anyways what I was thinking was creating a simple video blog where visitors could dare me to do various stuff. I would then have someone document the dare and place it on the blog as a video. Sounds silly eh?

Yeah that’s what I thought for a long time too (and still do).

So why even do it … well I’m a big fan of expanding boundaries and experimenting with my comfort zone. At least I used to be very good at it when I was younger but today it’s a little different. I also think it could be quite fun as long as I don’tget sent to jail for doing obviously stupid and illegal things.

Is this a completely stupid idea or do you fell like throwing dares at me already?

Nick Martin

Experimentalist, golfer and entrepreneur. I love creating stuff online and documenting my journey as I progress. My passion is golf and my ultimate dream is to be able to live off golf, crypto and internet businesses.

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