Is it that bad?

Hey all,

First a big thanks to those of you who signed up for a test drive of and had a look around! However its seems that I might have made somewhat of a design error.

About 95% of those that signed up verified their email address. That’s pretty good considering I haven’t added much detail on that part of the signup to help.

BUT – it seems like 25% of you have 0 XP and haven’t reached a new level yet. Completing projects is a HUGE part of the new system and at the moment the only way to gain XP and new levels.

YES – I really lack content and information. We are working on the last part of the design (the players status page) and then I’m gonna get help from my brother adding content. I have a load of videos that need to be uploaded and packaged so they fit with the projects.

Anyways – my question is basically: How can I make the projects more visible or intuitive for players to seek out and complete? Any feedback is appreciated good or bad 🙂



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  • Hey Nick,

    I signed up for the New LifeStyleNetworker but my confirmation link didn’t work. :o( When I click on it, it says No pending user with that activation code.

    Anyway, just thought you should know something isn’t quite right with the registration process. I went ahead and tried to log in anyway, but that’s a no go. :o(

    Let me know what to do now. 🙂

    Peace & Prosperity,
    Matt Fulger

  • Hey Matt!

    I just had a quick look at the confirmation email and it does seem like it breaks the activation link in two for some mail programs. I’ll probably change the encoding to text only as that could at least show the actual code/link to use.

    I’ve confirmed your account and you can now login. Don’t pay too much attention to the OTO as it’s not finished or in effect.

    Look forward to hear your feedback man!

  • Hey Nick,

    I signed in and tested the system out for a little while.
    Everything seems to be working now that you activated my
    account. Although, I have to admit I haven’t thoroughly
    tested everything. I did make some progress and boosted
    my XP. So far, so good.

    I’m just bummed that we weren’t able to work closer on this
    project. Over the years we have both been looking forward
    to getting this thing off the ground and I’ve been pushing
    you for quite some time (good or bad). Anyway, I miss
    talking to you man and hope to get back in touch on a more
    personal & regular basis soon.

    Talk soon good buddy!


  • Hey Matt,

    Yeah you are absolutely right!

    But this is also where the alpha launch comes into play. I believe you are on the private list yes? The plan is to take the software to a much higher level and this will be done as a joint effort so we all get our ideas out there.

    I’m gonna double check that you are indeed on my private list.

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