Can Frank Kern help me??

Emotional Roller Coaster

Okay okay so I have been working on my Internet Marketing Management Game for what feels like an eternity now, but slowly I am seeing the site come together now. It has been one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride to say the least! I came across the idea of creating a kind of online marketing game back in 2005 as part of my university education, and have been trying to put together a site since then.

Good idea – bad idea

If you only knew how many times my thought about the project went from “this is brilliant I’m gonna be rich” to “this sucks no one will buy it”! Man it’s been crazy but I think it’s due to me taking sooo long getting a site together that people can actually play and tell me what they think about it.

Anyways, I’m not gonna say I’m finally there cause that’s not entirely true yet. Yes almost all the features are coded and in place and yes I have danish programmers and graphic artists working on the design, but there still lacks content…. yikes!

Now what??

On top of all that I’m not quite sure what to do with the damn thing once it’s ‘ready’! You see I don’t really consider myself as a great marketer or even a decent one. Sure I’ve had success promoting affiliate programs and traffic exchanges back in 2001-2004 but things have changed since then.

To be absolutely honest with you, I’m pretty clueless as to how I’m going to launch my membership site. That’s why I’ve asked Frank Kern to help me with his Mass Control course. I still believe that I have come up with something unique – okay Russell Brunson kinda beat me to it with his $100.000.000 contest, but I’m much more of a system developer then a marketer. So now I have to learn how to take this product of mine and turn it into a cash machine with Franks help.

Mass Control 2.0 Live Case Study

I’ll be sharing this process with you here on the blog. I’ll try to document what I will be going through from initial list building to continuous support/development of the product. I have NO idea of how this is going to work out but I invite you to follow and maybe even learn a thing or two? I know I’ll have plenty to figure out 😉

Is this going to be a live case study of Frank Kerns Mass Control 2.0 course? Well yeah I guess we can call it that – stay tuned 🙂

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