Monthly Income Report – December 2011

Market Samurai Keywords December 2011

It’s the first day of the new year, and I’ve been looking over my stats for the danish website called Lav Din Egen Hjemmeside which is going to be a complete video guide on how you can setup your own WordPress website. A niche like this would be pretty damn hard to compete in on but on the danish market it’s a little easier.

I found a neat WordPress theme and think I’ve found a pretty cool color scheme for the site. I’ve written about 10 articles and created 3 videos. Results for Keywords

Market Samurai Keywords December 2011


Adsense Income: 0 (I haven’t installed Adsense yet)
Affiliate Income: $46


Direct Traffic: 26
Referral Traffic: 154
Non-paid Search Traffic: 8

Unique Visitors

Direct Traffic: 21
Referral Traffic: 120
Non-paid Search Traffic: 7


Direct Traffic: 88
Referral Traffic: 382
Non-paid Search Traffic: 35


Direct Traffic: 3.38
Referral Traffic: 2.48
Non-paid Search Traffic: 4.38

Avg. Time on Site

Direct Traffic: 00:04:25
Referral Traffic: 00:02:42
Non-paid Search Traffic: 00:03:30

Bounce Rate

Direct Traffic: 38.46%
Referral Traffic: 56.49%
Non-paid Search Traffic: 25.00%


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