Monthly Income Report – February 2012

It’s that time of the month again! Wow time goes by so quickly! I have now been living in Indonesia for 1 month and it’s been absolutely fantastic! I love the place and the people that I am working with – it’s just awesome! We have been very busy here designing our new edutainment game, so that has once again left me with little to no time for updating my website lav din egen hjemmeside. Well it’s really just another bad excuse because we’ve had so much fun here and been working a lot too of course.

None the less, it’s been a postitive month with traffic and sales increases. Not a great deal but considering the fact that I haven’t added a single article or video to the site during February 2012, I’m quite pleased.

Let’s have a look at some numbers for February 2012:

Overall it seems that the stats are worse then last months update. Yes the numbers have dropped overall and the bounce rate is a little higher as well. This is really kind of expected as I am no longer listed as number 1 in the contest, so I have a lot less traffic from the competition website. That’s totally cool as you will see on the next image I have managed to increase my organic traffic!

As you can see, the organic traffic has increased from 185 to 295 visits and that is with 2 days less in February compared to January. The referral traffic dropped from 323 to 101 which also reflects the fall from first place 🙂


Once again since I haven’t added ANY content what so ever I am quite pleased with the traffic. I also managed to break into Googles first page with two of my keywords. It took a long tome but I’m currently in 8th place with my main keyword. I will really try and get some new great content on the site to rank for more keywords and push up towards the top 3 in Google.

Let’s look at the earnings in February 2012:

Google Adsense: $4
Affiliate income: $98
Total income: $102

I decided to add Adsense to my site in order to see if it would create any decent revenue. I will keep it on the site for at least 2 more months but I am not sure whether it’s good or bad  at the moment. I had a few affiliate sales for the danish webhosting company and I am very pleased with that.

Not sure where I will be ranked in the competition after February but I will come back and update this post once all the numbers are in.

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