Monthly Income Report – January 2012

So January month of 2012 is now over and in this month I only managed to add a couple of articles and 2 new videos to the website lav din egen hjemmeside which I am competing with in the Danish Adsense/affiliate marketing competition.

I wanted to add a lot more content in January, but due to recent events that had me focus on other important aspects of my life, I couldn’t really find the time for it. Sure it may sound as a bad excuse (and maybe it is) but I was given the opportunity to leave my job for 6 months and travel to Bali where I would work with like minded entrepreneurs on a gamification project. I was leaving for Bali on february 2nd 2012 so I had a lot of projects and tasks from work which I had to make sure were handed over properly to my team.

So here I am in Bali writing this report 🙂 Let’s have a look at the numbers for January 2012:

I am very happy with the amount of traffic that hit my website in January. Of course it would be nice to see much more, but it seems the competition for top 10 in Google is a little tougher to penetrate then I initially thought. My main keyword has been trying to push through for a month now, but is stuck at 11th place in google. If I had done some more backlinking or content creation I think I could have pushed through to the first page. Hopefully I will be able to find some time here in Bali to write some more articles and create some new videos.
I had a lot of referred traffic from the competition page as I hit 1st place in the first month. I made a nice sale of Market Samurai which leapt me to the top of the rankings. The traffic is nice, but I dont think it was very qualified as it was mainly other people from the danish affiliate marketing scene that were curious about the website in first place of the competition. I will mainly be looking at the search traffic during this competition so for my first month I guess 185 visits isn’t too bad.

Let’s have a quick look at the earnings during January 2012:

Adsense: 0
Affiliate: $57
I haven’t added Google Adsense to my site yet, as I really want to try and push the affiliate sales part of the website. I feel I have two great affiliate products (danish webhost provider and Market Samurai) to help me reach a good goal. Maybe I will add Adsense during February 2012… The affiliate sales this month comes from the danish webhost provider.
A couple of the other guys in the competition really knocked it out of the park this month! The number one spot this month goes to Dennis with an impressive $237 income report! Nice work dude!! I am down in 5th place for this month.
Until next time!!

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