Monthly Income Report – March 2012

So here we are again … April fools day and I’ve just had a look at my Commissions Junction and Google Analytics accounts to see the status for last month.

The competition is actually already over! One of the guys hit the 5.000 kr. mark (just under $900) in april 2012 only 100 days after he bought the domain name. This is really impressive!! Dennis built an affiliate site around designer clothes for women and it just exploded! So congratulations to Dennis for winning the danish niche site duel!

I will probably keep reporting on my website which I am quite happy with. As you know I’m building an affiliate site where the main topic is creating your own website using wordpress. I’m a huge fan of wordpress and have used it to built countless websites. The site I’m building is a danish “build your own website” video training site and you can see it here: byg egen hjemmeside

What did I get done last month

Alarmingly very little! I managed to write 1 article even though I had set my goal for at least 1 article a week. Ok I’ve been very busy with my game design work here in Indonesia, and we spent the most of last month in Bandung on Java. But still it’s just an excuse as I could easily have written more articles.

Despite the fact that I only got 1 article done, my affiliate commissions are still growing which is really nice. The total commissions grew with 50% since last month.

Oh yeah, for reasons unknown Adsense decided to close my account. I thought I was well within their terms, but apparently they did not. Bye bye commissions and bye bye Adsense. I managed to build about 10 Adsense sites, but I’m going to drop that from my arsenal now. Maybe one day I’ll see if I can reopen or create a new account, but for now I won’t be bothered.

Traffic Statistics for March 2012

Overall it’s been a very good month for my website, especially considering I only added one new article. Traffic and sales are both up this month compared to last month.

February 2012

March 2012

As you have see the site had a total of 716 visits compared to 477 visits in February. That’s actually a 50% increase which is really nice. It also got 634 unique visitors compared to 379 in February which is almost an 80% increase!

February 2012

March 2012

You can see how my organic traffic keeps growing which is great! My referral traffic has dropped a bit and I think it’s still due to the fact that I am not ranked in the top 3 in the overall rankings for the competition. That’s okay, because my main efforts have been set towards the organic results.

Affiliate Commissions for March 2012

I have made 3 sales this month which accrued $146 in commissions. They all came from the danish webhosting company that I am referring to in my videos and articles. I did get new downloads for Market Samurai but no new sales this month which was a little disappointing. I think I’ll try and focus a bit more on converting Market Samurai free trials the next month.

I Am Ranked 2nd on

All in all I am very happy with this months results. It should be a huge motivator for me to get more done on the site especially now that I have moved up to the second place in for my main keyword! Let’s see if I can reach first place during the next 30 days!

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