Monthly Income Report – April 2012

Although the danish affiliate competition is over I decided to keep tracking the statistics of my latest site and share it all with you here. It’s about time to reveal  the traffic and commissions for last month.

What did I get done in april? 

I managed to write a single article about Market Samurais new rank tracker service … wow! Not much new content I know. I did also manage to write a pre landing page for market samurai. Instead of sending my links on my site to market samurai directly, I now send them to a special page I created that explains what market samurai is, and that visitors should download the free trial before they buy, so they get it at the discounted price. I’ve seen the conversion ratio increase but the traffic decrease which is overall pretty good 🙂 No new market samurai sales though which I find a little odd.

Traffic statistics for april 2012

Traffic is still increasing, but I think it will start to even out for the next few weeks unless I start adding some new content and build more links to increase my rankings and get new rankings.

March 2012 April 2012

As you can see the traffic continues to steadily increase. Pages per visit and average visit duration also increasing. Looks like the bounce rate is stabilizing around 51% but I would love to figure out how to lower this even more.

March 2012 April 2012

Not much change in the traffic sources ratios from last month. Still a small increase in organic traffic which again is nice to see.

Affiliate Commissions for April 2012

This has been the best month so far when it comes to affiliate commissions. Seems the danish web hosting product is doing pretty good. Still no new sales from Market Samurai but you can see below how the statistics have improved a little during last month:
I made 5 sales of the web hosting offers which accrued a total of $485. I did however have a huge sale for $300 so that obviously helped a lot 🙂

There has been a lot of talk about Google’s updates lately but it seems as if my site hasn’t been affected at all. Well actually it has, but only for the better as I have continued to increase in my rankings and actually been ranked 1st on twice last month but still fighting to stay up there 🙂

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