Sneak Peek LSN 2.0

Well not really a sneak peek I guess when the domain is live and has been for over a week now 🙂

But please feel free to visit and check out the design. You can also create a free account and test drive the few demo projects I have created.

I will be working on content next, and I have a LOT of cool videos and other neat stuff that I will be loaing into the site in the next 3 weeks. The plan is to do a soft launch around april 1st 2009 but I’ll announce that later.

I know there isn’t much content there just yet, but please take a look at the nice colors and the menu once logged into the site and let me know what you think – thanks!!!

Nick Martin

Experimentalist, golfer and entrepreneur. I love creating stuff online and documenting my journey as I progress. My passion is golf and my ultimate dream is to be able to live off golf, crypto and internet businesses.

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  • Hey Nick,

    Welcome back…
    Can’t wait to see LSN back in action again.
    It’s coming along nicely.



  • Hey Nick,

    Thanks for your prompt reply nice blog page, I’m very glad you wrote me. I’m following you on Twitter also. I also just sent you an email that details the script and all. Its all there for you to see. Even where i purchased it from. I look forward to working with you again. I also hope your enjoying your new camera. Talk to you soon, see what you can do with it. Talk to you later.

    Robert Williams-MGi2k

  • Hi Nick, It’s good to hear from you again and I look forward to working with you soon, at LifestyleNetworker.

    Best Regards

    aka RJ



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