Today is September 8th, 2018 and I’m attending the annual Rotary charity event in Nusa Dua, Bali. I’m super excited about this event as I get to play with Stuart on Bali National Golf Course in Nusa Dua! Yeah one of those high end golf courses where grounds keepers cut the edge of the bunkers with small scissors!

Thanks to Hanging Gardens of Bali

I’m also super honoured to be invited to play and represent Hangings Gardens of Bali in this tournament! A huge thanks goes out to Fitri, who is Stuarts partner and sponsor of the Rotary Golf Tournament. Thanks to Fitri and Hanging Gardens of Bali (which is the most amazing resort in Bali) I get to play Bali National Golf Course!

Super fun day and round of golf

Stuart and I had so much fun during this round of golf! There were special events and challenges on several of the holes. In addition to the events, there were also a lot of different drinks offered which made the round of golf just a little more fun! Thanks to Stuart for the additional incidents along the way! Watch the video for more info on these.

BBQ, Charity and Best Nett Runner Up

After the golf tournament we had a great BBQ dinner and participated in the charity auctions and raffles to raise money for the Lombok earthquake catastrophe. As a bonus to end the night I won the prize of best nett runner up. A really great day with fantastic company and good golf! I can’t wait for next year!

Thanks again Stuart, Fitri and Hanging Gardens of Bali for making this happen!

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