Okay so I’m not the most active blogger on this planet – I think we can all agree on that 🙂

I run a friendly golf match once every year and I think this is something like year 5 of that competition. I was able to get a little video in on the event and here is a small recap of what went on that day. At the end I will be speaking danish so you probably wont understand what I’m saying but the video should give a clue 🙂

Nick Martin

Experimentalist, golfer and entrepreneur. I love creating stuff online and documenting my journey as I progress. My passion is golf and my ultimate dream is to be able to live off golf, crypto and internet businesses.

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  • Hey Nick!

    Long time no see buddy. Why is it we always seem to have issues being active online at the same time? When I’m online, you aren’t. When you’re online, I’m not! What the hell is up with that? Anyway, hit me up in email when you get a chance! Talk soon!


  • Hey Matt my man 🙂

    I’m online!!! Just doing different things 😉 I will send you an email and we will get back in touch!


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