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Power House Day 4

Michael and I met up in Copenhagen airport and started our long journey to Bali. The flight took about 22 hours in total and we landed in Doha and Singapore on our way to Bali. We had a short stop at a nice bar/restaurant on our...

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I’m Moving To Bali!

Here I am … lying in my brothers couch writing this post. I can’t stay in my own appartment, as I have rented it out to my cousin. It’s late at night and I’ve just finished packing … I’m...

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Cebu Golf & Country Club

I left Bohol and took the ferry back to Cebu where I had the full day as I was leaving for Manila the following morning. I had spoken with a few guys from Boracay and they didn’t think there was anything to see in Cebu....

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Boracay Boracay Boracay!

I absolutely love this place and I don’t want to leave! The beach is breathtaking and the people hare are so kind and helpful. I’m staying at a place called Alice in Wonderland and it’s just perfect! I have a...

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Boracay The Place To Be!

I got the morning flight out of Manila around eight o’clock. I figured two hours at the airport would be enough time to catch my flight and have time to eat. Turns out a LOT of other people were flying that day and there...

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Hi, I’m Nick Martin

Welcome to my personal blog! This is where I share all kinds of different stories about myself and my life.