I have been living in the Bali Power House for one week now and time has really gone by fast! the experience so far has been almost overwhelming. The synergy and atmosphere in the Power House is like nothing I have experienced before! The people here are really cool and we have fun all the time!

We eat healthy food prepared by our chef Tiwi, our rooms and the villas are kept nice and clean due to Ayu who is our housekeeper. Everyone here at Power House loves what they do and it just creates a synergy that is extremely hard to match.

Today we had one of our unique CrossFit sessions … or I guess we should call it PoolCross as we always workout around the pool. We all select an exercise and each exercise is performed in 1 minute and 30 seconds. We usually do two rounds of this which makes it a total of 20-25 minute workout. My goal is to push in a third round, but so far there have been no takers 🙂 We filmed the event today and I just wanted to show you guys back home how we work out at the Power House in Bali.