Power House Day 4

Group photo at the Sky Garden

Michael and I met up in Copenhagen airport and started our long journey to Bali. The flight took about 22 hours in total and we landed in Doha and Singapore on our way to Bali. We had a short stop at a nice bar/restaurant on our way from the airport to the villas. Satey and Bintang  – what a great start 🙂

When we arrived at the villas, Michael showed me around and I got to meet most of the other residents here. A really nice group of people! I could tell right away that we would get along easily.

I keep getting distracted by huge lizards swimming in the river below the terrasse where I am sitting … I guess I’ll get used to that soon enough 🙂

This is what my current workspace looks like:
One of the many terrasses here at the Power HouseI have the river below me and to the right I am overlooking a huge rice field. The scenery is just incredible!

It’s my fourth day here and I’m loving it! We have already talked a lot about our project and had a really great short workshop. The game we are working on is going to be loads of fun creating and playing. Coline and Jeff who have been here since mid december are really talented and excited about game development. More about the game we are developing in a later post…

There are quite a number of Danes here and last night we went out with a couple that had just moved here. We started out at their new villa with a housewarming party and then moved on to a place in Kuta called the Sky Garden. This was a huge disco with 4 or 5 floors (can’t really remember hehe), where they played different music for each floor. It was great fun and the show girls at Sky Garden surely know how to put on a show 🙂

I’m a little hung over and my ears are still ringing from the LOUD music last night. I think I’ll take a quick dip in the pool and then find a nice spot where I can relax and prepare for our first all day workshop tomorrow.

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