The day after my brother Julian competed in his 1st Sprint triathlon here in Copenhagen, it was time for me and for my triathlon friends to compete in today’s event. We were much better off with the weather, as it had dried up and there was no rain the entire day. To me this was really nice, as you can keep all your stuff dry.

Again this is a short Sprint triathlon weighing in at only 400 m swim, 18 km bike and 4 km run. This Sprint triathlon has been named 4–18–4 due to its distance. But it’s a great event, as it is held the day before the Copenhagen Challenge, which is the full Ironman distance where all the pros compete. This means that the facilities, timing and overall management is top notch. There are also a number of spectators out here which is kind of cool.

My friend Anders and I always compete in different sports. Most recently it has been badminton, karate and CrossFit. Now we also compete against each other in triathlons. It’s great fun and we seem to beat each other at various sports. On this day we were also joined by Trolle, Mads and Troy which are some of the other guys we compete with in triathlons.

I believe there was about 800 contestants this day, and we were among the first 50 to start. In this Sprint triathlon they start 50 people at a time with 60 seconds interval. It was really cool to be amongst the first, but if you’re not a strong swimmer, you will experience being run over in the water. It was chaos but it was still good fun!

I created a short video below to show how we all did that day: