Game Jam Theme Announced

Brett Bibby Introducing

After a brief introduction and some general information about game jams, Brett Bibby released the theme: 1 button game. This is not a super strict game jam event and there are no prizes, so people are welcome to work on anything they like. However, Max and I decided to stick to the theme and try to come up with a some what original game play with only one button.

Battle Droids – Working Title
We spent the first night discussing loads of different one click game genres, writing notes and brainstorming a few concepts we would try out the next day. We both really liked the concept from golf games where you click to start a power generator and click again to set direction/accuracy and apply the force. We will be working on a simple fighting game between two robots “Battle Droids” or something cheezy like that hah! It’s now around 11:30 am and I am doing OK with the core game mechanics. Max has started on some concept 3D art so we can get a better idea of what we are doing in Unity and how it looks.

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