I managed to convince my brother Julian to come out and try competing in a sprint triathlon here in Copenhagen. I had been telling them how cool it was to compete in a triathlon and I’m glad that he decided to try it out for himself. He had brought with him his friend Frank from work and it was also Frank’s first triathlon.

We had been incredibly lucky the past years with the Sprint triathlon here in Copenhagen, but this day which was the first day of a two-day event was absolutely horrible. It had been raining the entire day before and the entire day of the event. There was no way you could keep yourself dry. I was competing on the following day and I was just there to film and support. Even I managed to get completely soaked even though I had my huge golf umbrella with me.

I was afraid Jules would lose interest and not be bothered when the weather was this bad. However he was high-spirited and eager to get started.

apparently the swim was the worst part for him as he quickly got water in his goggles and nearly managed to drown himself a couple times. He was super quick on the bike though, and considering the weather conditions the clock a whopping 33 km an hour average. He looked pretty good going out on the run and mentors to speak Frank by a minute or two. They had been following each other all the way through to the run.

Take a look at the above short video I shot on the very gray and rainy day at Copenhagen Beach Park.

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