Troy & Nick Flashing New Wetsuits

New Wetsuits
Troy & Nick In Their Wetsuits

Yesterday Troy and myself were out swimming in the ocean in our new wetsuits. It was just an easy 800m stretch to get the feel of our new suits. Also the water was pretty cold for the feet and hands 🙂

Today we took another trip to Amager Strandpark where we did a 1100m stretch. It was (obviously) much easier swimming in the lagoon compared to open sea and we didn’t get anywhere near as “sea sick”.

I must admit, it does make swimming that much easier in a wetsuit. The added buoyancy from a wetsuit is tremendous. The only real force you need to apply is forward since you don’t have to struggle to keep yourself afloat.

We’ve got our first sprint triathlon of the year coming up in a few days (750m open water swim, 24km hilly bike ride and 5km run), and that wil also be the real test of swimming in wetsuits. I have to say it takes a real effort getting properly into one of these suits, and we will soon see what kind of stress levels we reach trying to get out of them asap and onto the bike!

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