I’ve been dealing with some right shoulder pains for way too long. Probably around 6-12 months since it started getting to a point where I really had to warm up a lot for my golf swing. In the last few months my mobility in my right should was declined at least 30% and it was getting quite painful. To the point where I was taking painkillers before the start of my golf round.

So finally I decided to get something done about it!

Previously I’ve struggled with some severe shin splints in my left shin and I managed to get over that with the help of dry needling and recovering slowly but surely.

So it was time to visit the clinic again, this time with one bad shoulder and two bad elbows!

Nick Martin

Experimentalist, golfer and entrepreneur. I love creating stuff online and documenting my journey as I progress. My passion is golf and my ultimate dream is to be able to live off golf, crypto and internet businesses.

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