Today (Friday November 30th) I went back to Pascal for my second treatment for my shoulder and elbows. After the first session a week ago I felt really good. The first physio session was last Friday (November 23rd), so I decided to play golf the following Monday. At first it felt really good and I didn’t have any pain. However, after the round I did feel quite soar in both elbows and in my shoulder.

Yesterday (Thursday November 29th) I decided to play golf again and that turned out to be a big mistake! Already on hole one I started getting a lot of pain in my right shoulder. By the 9th hole my entire swing was limited and I started fading my shots because it was too painful to follow through properly. The last three holes were pure pain and I just wanted it to end. I should have stopped a lot sooner.

So today I went back to Pascal for my second treatment. I explained how the pain had come back and we both agreed playing golf was a terrible idea. This session I got a total of six needles. Three in my shoulder, two in each elbow (bone) and a bonus needle in my left elbow muscle. We finished off with some electro therapy which was really nice and weird.

This session felt really good. We managed to hit some good trigger points and it was barely painful. I think the first session was a little extra tense, as I had gone way too long with my pains. Three needles in the shoulder definitely left it more soar than the first session, but I think it will be much better in a few days. Definitely no golf on Monday and we will have to see about Thursday.

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