June 5th the gang and I went a little north Copenhagen to compete in the sprint triathlon called “Tri på Tyren” which would be translated to “Bull Triathlon”. The name comes from the bike route which is filled with slopes. You are either climbing or going downhill. We had a GREAT day as it was sunny and zero clouds. It was a full days event, as a few of the guys were competing in the Danish Championship in sprint triathlon. The course today was 750m swim in a lake, 24km bike ride on the very sloped course and 5km run.

Trolle and myself were just competing in the standard triathlon (same course) but I really think he should had competed in the Danish Championship as he’s really fast. We were up in the morning and started around 9:30 am where Troy and Mads were starting later around 1 pm. It was a really good sprint triathlon and my first where I was wearing a wetsuit. It all went pretty well but I sure need to work on my transitions as I’m much too slow compared to the others.

The swim part of the sprint triathlon went well and I came in and managed to get out of the wetsuit okay. I won’t bother with socks next time as it just took way too much of my time to change. The bike ride was great all though my computer wasn’t aligned to the wheel so I didn’t know how fast I was biking. The run was really tough as it was hot and I had some pretty heavy legs. Normally I run under 23 minutes for 5km but I was a little worn out here.

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