Boracay Boracay Boracay!

Sunset on White Sands Beach, Boracay, Philippines

I absolutely love this place and I don’t want to leave! The beach is breathtaking and the people hare are so kind and helpful. I’m staying at a place called Alice in Wonderland and it’s just perfect! I have a nice bungalow right down to the refreshing pool. It’s 19:22 and I just came up from a night swim 🙂

I forgot my brothers digital camera at Malcolms place in Singapore (don’t worry Jules I’ll pck it up on my way home ;)) so I’m stuck with my iPhone 3gs camera. I still think it did ok with this picture of the sunset at White Sands Beach:

Sunset on White Sands Beach, Boracay, Philippines

It’s my last day tomorrow as I’m leaving for Bohol. Have a couple of days there for snorkelling, visiting the Tarsier (hopefully) and seeing the chocolate hills.

But I have to say Boracay has been GREAT! I’ve gone sailing, snorkelling and waterskiing. I’ve also had some really good nights out and met some cool people.

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  • Wow I’ve enjoyed seeing pictures and information about boracay here.
    I am look forward to going there !

  • You are going to have a GREAT time there! Everyone is so polite and happy. The beach is AMAZING and the rum is cheap haha. Have fun and if you like, please come back here and comment once you’ve been there. Oh yeah, you better hold your breath if you are flying in to Caticlan airport 😉

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