Boracay The Place To Be!

Manila Airport Queue

I got the morning flight out of Manila around eight o’clock. I figured two hours at the airport would be enough time to catch my flight and have time to eat.

Turns out a LOT of other people were flying that day and there were queues everywhere. I found myself in the wrong queue for airport security when a lady told me I was in the female queue 😮

So my two hours were just fine as it took me about 1½ hours just to get to my gate. There were many other people rushing and panicking, but I could just relax and enjoy the experience.


Cebu Pacific Airlines

This was my first time flying in a propel powered airplane and what a thrill that was haha.  They didn’t have any in-flight entertainment so instead the stewardess hosted a short quiz kinda thing 🙂

It was a fun flight but the landing was crazy rough! The airport is soo small the pilots have to turn the plane around and go back up the airstrip to get to the airport. Never tried that before.

The White Sands Of Boracay

Boracay has the most amazing beaches! It might just beat the beautiful beaches on Koh Samet in Thailand! The sand is incredibly soft and the water is clear and cool! Just like Samet there are no stones and no sea weed. You can just run out into the cool water without worrying about stepping on normal beach stuff 🙂

This is my third day here and I really don’t want to leave! Everything is clean and everyone is smiling here. I found the perfect bungalow with a lush garden and a nice pool even. I need to plan the rest of my journey tonight so I can get as many days as possible here on Boracay!



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