Cebu Golf & Country Club

Cebu Golf & Country Club

I left Bohol and took the ferry back to Cebu where I had the full day as I was leaving for Manila the following morning. I had spoken with a few guys from Boracay and they didn’t think there was anything to see in Cebu. Maybe so, maybe no, but I had seen a golf course from the plane coming in from Boracay and wanted to see if I could play there that day.

Turns out that the golf course I saw was Cebu Country Club and they were open for public play. So I booked a tee time and wen’t out to play golf in Cebu and 33 degrees Celsius. Man that was HOT! But it was absolutely GREAT! I got a friendly caddy who had worked at the country club since he was 14 (and I believe he was around 50) so he knew the course very well.

Thomas My Golf Buddy From Cebu

After the first three holes an Australian gentleman named Thomas asked if I wanted to join him for the rest of the round and I hapilly accepted. He was a really neat guy who had been living in Cebu for 24 years so he had many entertaining and informative stories.

I finished the round with a score of 84 which was 12 over par. Considering all the factors like borrowed golfset, new greens, new putter, hot as hell and I lost 4 balls I think it’s an ok score (see how I’m finding all the excuses possible hehe).

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  • Ser ud til at være en fed tur.. og Cebu golfbanen er ret cool.. gik selv 82 for godt 2 år siden… med samme undskyldninger 😉

  • Hahaha nice Jesper! Surt vi ikke kunne hooke op i Singapore, men måske næste gang. Ellers er jeg der faktisk igen hele onsdag den 20 april. Smider mit DK simkort i tlf så du kan smide en sms på 51881080 hvis det er 😉

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