Singapore – Bali – Philippines

As I’m writing this there’s only a few more days until I depart for my vacation 🙂 I’ve decided to take 3 weeks off work and go visit Singapore, Bali and the Philippines. I can’t wait!!!


I will be visiting a very old friend of mine who I went to school with at the International School of Singapore (ISS). It turns out that he’s married a girl that also went to ISS and that she now teaches classes there … what are the odds! She’s promised me the grand tour of ISS and I’m really looking forward to that! I’ll also try to visit some of the other places where I lived with my family some 20 years ago.


I’ve decided to take surfing lessons on surfers paradise. I’ve never tried surfing before, but I have done  a little wind surfing and I’m an old skater so I think I’ll do okay. I’ll be booking a 3 day surfing school and can’t wait to hit the waves of Kuta beach.


Not sure why I chose the Philippines for my last destination, but I loves islands and beaches and with itøs more then 7.000 islands I’m surely in for a treat. The plan so far is to visit Manila, Boracay, Cebu and Bohol. I would love to meet the local tarsier on Bohol island – they are so freaky haha.

So that’s the plan anyways. So far only my ticket to Singapore is in place so the plan could easilly change. I’ll try and do some posts here while I’m on vacation and if that fails I’ll be bringing my video camera with me to shoot some videos 🙂

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