Singapore Day One

My Class At ISS

So I landed in Singapore at 5 in the morning and had a really nice cab ride to Malcolms apartment. The cab driver was very jolly and chatted away telling me how Singapore has changed since I was last here (10 years mind you).  He also told me to get my hands on a Chilli Padi for my chilli dare video as he thought that was the most spicy chilli in Singapore.

Malcolm greeted me at the entrance to Heritage View and we had a good chat about the old days. You see Malcolm and I went to school in Singapore back in 1990 so it’s been a while. He had to go to work later that day so I was just chillaxing at the 4 swimming pools here at Heritage View – absolutely fantastic! I love Singapore weather 🙂 We did have time to look through some of the old year books from International School of Singapore. Check out this funny picture of our class:

My Class At ISS

After swimming and sun bathing for hours I took a cab to Holland Village where my family and I used to spend a lot of time! It was really wierd seeing the place again after 20 years! The shopping center hasn’t changed a bit, but pretty much all of the surroundings have. I managed to find my purple Yakult drinks and a watermelon, which I’m enjoying as I write this on Malcolms terrace.

We’re going out tonight to meet a bunch of his friends here so really looking forward to that! On the way we will try and pass one of the places where I used to live.

It’s been a great first day of my holiday!

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