I’m writing this from Startbucks in KL Malaysia while getting a nice big piece of chocolate banana cake and a … well coffee 🙂 Max and I are waiting for the MyCore Lab (an awesome gaming and development cafe) to open it’s dors. We’re really excited about joining this Game Jam, meeting a lot of cool people, building a game in 48 hours and having lot’s of fun (read:coffee/redbull).

There’s about 6 hours from the time of this writing until the event is kicked off. It’s organized by Unity and the MyCore facilities here in Cyberjaya. We are meeting up with Brett Bibby later and can’t wait to get started! Max is warming up with his Nintendo DS and street fighter. I sure hope he doesn’t have ideas for a fighting game, cause that will put a lot of pressure on me hah!

We are going to head back to the gaming cafe in a few minutes to see if we can get setup. I’ll be posting short updates along the way, so stay tuned for more pictures and reports about the event.